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As fashion-forward as we like to be, we love seeing a vintage trend return--especially when that look puts the "fun" in functional.

Wind bonnets--those head cover-ups old ladies sport in nasty weather--are becoming en vogue thanks to Manhattan-based milliner Emily Hagen. Under her eponymous headpiece line, Hagen takes the notion of keeping your hair intact against rain and wind to a stylish new level with Voile du Vent ("veil the wind"), her new collection of glamorous wind bonnets fashioned with wire netting, pressed glitter, chiffon and vintage clasps.

Hagen's renderings are decidedly more couture than cloudy-day: We'll happily brave the elements (or a long convertible ride) in the starry organza wind bonnet ($195), the black embroidered chiffon version ($205) or the gold-netted bonnet with a striking leather-studded collar ($198).

Yes, some of the pieces are a bit more out-there than others, but these bonnets are leaps and bounds from the plastic versions Granny used to don. Give one a test-drive this Friday at the MLE Hagen trunk show at the Plaza's Warren-Tricomi salon from 1 to 6 p.m.

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