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NYC Trees
A brownstone's best friend.
West Elm

There’s nothing quite like walking down the sidewalk and getting that first whiff of pine from the neighborhood Christmas tree stand. But actually schlepping a blue spruce six blocks? That’s a whole other story.

We have some good news, oh eager Christmas decorators. There’s a new delivery service for this very thing. Get to know NYC Trees.

The process couldn’t be simpler: Go online and pick which size best fits your apartment (three through ten feet, ranging from $79 to $299). Then select a delivery date (seven days a week) and a specific time (a one-hour window is all you need to be home for). A driver will not only bring the tree right to your door but also install it with a complimentary stand. As for the trees themselves, they’re premium Fraser firs, sourced from sustainable area farms. (For every tree cut down, two to three are planted in its place.) That’s it. Quick, easy and environmentally friendly. Go you.

Now, all this being said, we wouldn’t blame you for still snagging a little something from the corner guys, too. Heck, they sleep in their vans. And doesn’t every NYC kitchen look better with a Charlie Brown tree?

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