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Tin Mustard Stuffing
Is that mustard in the stuffing? Yes. Yes, it is.

T-minus one week until the eating event of the year, and we know you have your menu-planning game face on. That’s why we thought we’d suggest a few local, small-batch goods to sneak into this year’s recipes, solidifying your title as the most gorgeous, charming and, now, surprising hostess.

Appetizers It doesn’t get more crowd-pleasing than toasted baguettes with goat cheese. Here’s where it gets interesting: Add a dollop of apple stroop. Similar to a jelly but richer, it’s a Dutch delicacy that’s being imported to NYC for the first time. Instant conversation starter. Find it at select stores, like Dean & DeLuca and Union Market.

Stuffing Bread, celery, sage...mustard? Yep. The Turkey Day standby gets a swift kick from the course-ground condiment. Tin Mustard has a tempting recipe for fennel-and-apple stuffing. (We also like to add a spoonful of this secret weapon to mashed potatoes or pastrami on latkes.) Find it at select stores, like Bedford Cheese Shop and Union Market.

Candied Yams There’s not much you can do to improve on the tried-and-true casserole-slash-dessert--except top it with handmade vanilla marshmallows from Three Tarts. Find them at the Plaza Food Hall (W. 58th St. at Fifth Ave.) or on

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