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Winter Warmers
It's okay...take a minute.

Ever notice how every summer, like clockwork, a slew of new ice cream parlors and artisanal popsicle stands invade our fair city? But come Labor Day, the novelty has worn off, and we?re left with nary a quirky neighborhood spot for seasonally appropriate treats. (Pumpkin-spice lattes, while ridiculously delicious, don?t count.)

Well, Winter Warmers is out to blaze a new trail. It?s a s?mores bar. Get cozy.

Set up in the former People?s Pops storefront in Park Slope, the concept is just like a fro-yo bar. You pick out the essentials: graham crackers or spiced sugar cookies (obviously, we chose cookie); honey-, strawberry-, chocolate- or coconut-flavored marshmallow; then milk or dark chocolate. And if the mood strikes, you can add more toppings--from nuts and berries to sprinkles and peanut-butter pieces.

A s?mores-ista will pop it in the oven, and voilà, a slightly messy but mind-blowing treat. Oh, and hot chocolate and cider are also on tap if you feel like getting a little crazy.

Winter Warmers, 808 Union St. (at Seventh Ave.), Brooklyn; 207-415-3517 or

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