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The Uncommons
Think it's quaint now? Wait til the charades kick in.

It’s pretty hard to beat a fun night in with great friends, good food and a raucous game of Cards Against Humanity--that is, unless someone else can be in charge of the snacks.

The Uncommons just might be your new favorite haunt. Its basic concept is your average local coffee shop--but with an entire wall of board games at your disposal.

Located in the former Village Chess Shop (where Woody Allen filmed and Heath Ledger frequented), The Uncommons is keeping the neighborhood gaming spirit alive but with a decidedly modern twist. For starters, the space has been completely renovated. No more cluttered windows and dingy interiors. Now you can pull up a vintage steel chair to a sprawling farm table for an impromptu round of Jenga.

To play, simply pony up $5 a person for the entire day. Unlimited games, unlimited time--lounge as long as you like. As for sustenance, the bar sells the usual coffee-shop suspects: java, tea, pastries, sandwiches and soup, which, of course, you can pop in to purchase, Boggle or no Boggle.

Just don’t blame us when an afternoon tea with a peaceful game of checkers miraculously turns into a several-hour Pictionary smackdown.

The Uncommons, 230 Thompson St. (at W. Third St.); 646-543-9215 or

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