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It?s official: We?re on a mission to rid our lives of Craigslist forever. We?ve found an easier way to search for apartments, a safer process for selling our furniture and now, a personal shopper for secondhand cruiser bikes.

If you?re in the market for some new (to you) wheels, sign up for Get Biked, a weekly email listing bikes for sales around the city.

Rather than obsessively checking sites like Craigslist, you can get an easy-to-read list delivered right to you every Tuesday. Not only is the range of bike styles rather extensive (everything from basic commuting models to vintage racers) but also the entries follow a standard format with complete information. (No more sketchy classifieds with cringe-inducing grammar.)

Give it a quick scan. If something jumps out at you, contact the owner listed. (Get Biked only makes the introduction; sales transactions are up to you.) Not seeing anything you like? You?ll get a fresh crop of options next week.

The only thing left to do is pick out which reclaimed-wood picnic basket you want to accessorize your new ride with.

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