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Bring In Your Parents Day
And this, Mom, is where we brainstorm.

Social-media strategist. Resident brand hacker. Chief happiness officer. New York is rife with incredible, cutting-edge jobs...that are completely foreign to your parents. (How many times have you tried explaining CMS systems or public relations strategy to them over Sunday pork roast?)

But there’s a new initiative to help family members understand one another better, and that is Bring In Your Parents Day.

Modeled after Gloria Steinem’s Take Your Daughter to Work Day but reimagined by the folks at LinkedIn (hence the slightly awkward name), the suggested schedule is structured from only 3 to 6 p.m., so as not to disrupt your workday too much. Start with cocktails and introductions, followed by an overview of the company, a Q&A with the senior leaders and a tour around the office. Easy and fun. Also, who doesn’t love mom hugs?

Even though the official Bring In Your Parents Day is today, there’s nothing wrong with taking the idea and running with it. Just clear it with your boss, survey the office on whose folks live nearby and set a date. Beyond that, everything else is really up to your and your coworkers’ imaginations.

Picture it: Dad singing “Livin’ on a Prayer” with Jim from accounting during happy-hour karaoke.

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