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Yoga Means Business
Thank God, no trust falls.

If you?ve ever suffered through one of those company-mandated programs meant to improve your people skills, we get why the words ?team-building exercise? send shivers up your spine. But hear us out.

Yoga Means Business is going to take everything you know about workplace team building and turn it on its head (literally). Founded by three corporate execs turned Jivamukti-certified instructors, the start-up is out to create a happier work environment through on-site yoga lessons.

Each two-hour session is conducted at your office and equally divided between stretching the body and strengthening the mind. (The mental aspect is what sets this apart from your Saturday vinyasa sesh.)

You?ll first learn some basic poses and breathing techniques (some classes are modified so employees can still wear their work clothes) followed by a discussion about how ancient teachings can improve your focus, sharpen your memory and even offer clarity on why you?re not getting that promotion.

Ready to bring some Zen to a cubicle near you? Tell your boss why this is so cool, and then Yoga Means Business will come to your workplace every other week for six months. Because the company is super new, rates are determined on an office-by-office basis. But regardless, we?re pretty sure it?s a better investment than a stapler.

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