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A total lifesaver at 11 p.m.

For all the unnecessary 24-hour joints in this city (who on earth is working out at 3 a.m.?), it comes as a surprise that our actual needs (um, dry cleaning) are subject to a mere 9 to 5. And it?s inevitably the eleventh hour when we realize we forgot to pick up our pencil skirt before that big meeting.

Luckily, an around-the-clock laundry service, DashLocker, has arrived.

Here?s how it works: First, visit one of the 24-hour DashLocker storefronts around Manhattan. (It?s coming for you next, Brooklyn.) Find an open locker, load it up with your laundry/dry cleaning/even scuffed-up heels, lock and leave.

Then, place an order on DashLocker?s website or app; you can even get your cashmere fluffed by sending a text. Once the request is sent, DashLocker will pick up your laundry and return your freshly cleaned clothes to the same locker the next day.

Aside from this fabulously speedy service, there are even more perks. For those with a doorman, DashLocker will deliver straight to your building. You can track your garments, and prices are basically the same as your neighborhood cleaner (read: $6 for a blouse, $7 for dress pants).

Next on our wish list? Petitioning our corner nail salon to stay open 24 hours...or at least past 10 p.m.

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