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There?s a lot we love about London Town: Harrods. The Beatles. A cup of Rosie (that?s Cockney rhyming slang for ?tea?). But there?s also plenty we have yet to discover about our friends across the pond.

Here to indulge our Anglophile curiosity is the new boutique FLAT 128.

Located on Christopher Street (mere blocks from Tea & Sympathy and A Salt and Battery), this cozy shop, owned by ex-Notting Hill resident Elizabeth DuBois, is stocked to the brim with exclusively UK-made trinkets, all sourced from fantastically niche Brit designers.

Upon entering the quaint space, our eyes fell first on the Julia Burness cuffs, cast from vintage lace ($437), resting atop an old library card catalog. Then we spotted 1860s-era umbrellas ($305) adorned with rabbit and fox handles leaning near the marble fireplace (good Lord, the Brits know rainy style).

Aside from its charming wares (also spotted: Lost Property of London satchels and corgi-embellished scarves), the store is a minefield for antique décor inspiration. Lee Broom crystal light fixtures run along the ceiling, and we were totally crushing on the gallery wall made from vintage mirrors.

Of course teatime cut our visit short, but we?ll be back for you, lace cuff (and maybe a few more Prestat chocolates).

FLAT 128, 15 Christopher St. (between Waverly Pl. and Greenwich Ave.); 914-582-6814 or

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