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There?s a certain dialogue happening around the country. The issue: how we raise our boys.

From ADD to racial profiling, it?s a heated topic across the board. And a new documentary (13 years in the making) shines a light on the subject, in our very backyard.

American Promise follows two African-American Brooklyn boys from their first day of kindergarten to their graduation from high school. You see Idris and Seun (best friends and classmates) playing basketball, talking about girls, dreaming about college, all the things normal boys do--except they go to school at Dalton.

A captivating social experiment (directed by Idris?s filmmaker parents), the project starts as a conversation about cultural integration yet transitions into a more intimate look at the two boys? individual paths in life. Why aren?t they more motivated? Are they ungrateful? Is privilege making them lazy? Was Dalton worth it? Should the parents step back? Should the parents push harder?

Regardless of whether or not you?re a parent, American Promise is a never-before-seen slice of New York?s changing dynamics.

Opens today; IFC Center, 323 Sixth Ave. (at W. Third St.); 212-924-7771 or

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