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Kitchen Tune-up
Alright, now we're ready to cook.

Real talk: A stress-induced Seamless binge happens to the best of us. But hitting the reset button doesn?t have to mean a week?s worth of juice. Sometimes it just means your cabinets are messy.

No judgment...but you might need a Kitchen Tune-Up.

Local wellness coach Tara Roscioli created this service based on her own experience as a former cigarette-smoking, vending-machine-addicted attorney. She?ll come into your home and assess your space, your schedule, your lifestyle and your subsequent eating patterns. You?ll purge what?s tripping you up, shop for better options and reorganize your kitchen in a way that helps you make better decisions.

Yes, it all seems so obvious (cookies bad; carrots good), but Roscioli is not going to barrel through your kitchen Biggest Loser-style and replace all your crackers with cucumbers. Her specialty lies in the gray area--nailing that elusive, sustainable middle ground. (Yes, your daily latte is safe.) The key lies in the decluttering. (Clear containers are our friends.)

A three-hour session also comes with a personalized shopping guide, recipes and a bonus counseling chat--all of which will run you $450. But remember how much that last Blueprint cleanse cost you? A lesson in organization lasts forever.

Email or call 201-259-6976 to book a session

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