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Governors Island
'Sup, Lady Liberty?

We live in New York for so many wonderful reasons: the theater, the shopping, the bagels. The hiking...not so much. Well, nature-deprived friends, that’s about to change. Get excited to:

Hike to the pinnacle of Governors Island No, really. You know those dilapidated buildings on the west side of the island? They’ve been torn down and are being recycled into man-made hills. In 2015, we’ll be able to stroll along the wooded trail to an 80-foot summit. Expect insane views of the Statue of Liberty, the skyline and, of course, the sunset. But to tide you over: Next spring, relax in a new ten-acre grove (just north of “The Hills”) and stretch out in one of 50 hammocks. Watch this rendering video of the plans.

And swim in the East River We’re aware that sounds gross. But imagine if a giant Brita filter sifted out the gunk--that’s exactly what Plus Pool will do. The specially designed walls of the floating pool will block all debris, oils and bacteria from entering, allowing only fresh, clean water to pass through. Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, the project hopes to be completed by 2016. The lines to get in? We’re currently taking bets.

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