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Just wait til the choreography kicks in.

Cappuccinos. Salami. Everything in Eataly. The Italians have been good to us. But their latest export shockingly falls on the other end of the health spectrum.

Introducing the Fitwalker class.

Offered for first time in the U.S. at Tribeca’s new Superstar Gym, it uses self-powered treadmills--meaning you control everything with your steps, not with buttons. But it’s nothing like your run-of-the-mill cardio session.

Fitwalker classes ($30 each) are taught in the same vein as SoulCycle or JumpLife. There’s a room full of machines, an instructor at the head (mic attached), pumping tunes and even a few disco lights (it is from Italy, after all). Once the music kicks in, you begin with a light stroll to get acquainted with the machine, but before long you’re stepping from side to side, lifting your knees and even using the machine to do pull-ups and crunches. And yes, you get real sweaty.

It’s kind of like step aerobics for the 21st century. Though we do miss the leotards.

Superstar Gym, 425 Washington St. (at Vestry St.); 885-782-7496 or

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