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Heart of Chelsea
He says thanks.

Well, this is something we never thought of before: acupuncture...for your dog. But apparently, it?s a thing. And it?s gaining in popularity.

Meet Dr. Marc Siebert, owner of the long-standing Heart of Chelsea Animal Hospital and the newly opened Lower East Side Animal Hospital. He?s a USDA-accredited veterinarian who noticed that some canine/feline problems (like all-too-common arthritis) couldn?t be helped by traditional Western medicine alone. So he took some cues from the East.

Both of his locations offer the strategically placed needle treatment (to relieve joint pain, gastrointestinal issues and the like) as well as homeopathy (natural tinctures to calm allergies, for instance) and herbology (say, bloodroot to treat a tumor).

Since each pet?s case is different, there?s no magic remedy for any given condition, but Dr. Siebert?s staff of experienced holistic vets take all aspects of wellness into account--including current medication and conventional procedures--before recommending additional Eastern practices.

Life?s about to get a little easier for your ole tennis-ball stealer.

Heart of Chelsea Animal Hospital, 257 W. 18th St. (at Eighth Ave.), 212-924-6116; Lower East Side Animal Hospital, 241 Eldridge St. (at Houston St.), 212-390-8387

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