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Boxed App
Delivery is a beautiful thing.

When you?re spending several thousand dollars a month in rent, it?s easy to glaze over the $10 shower gel at Duane Reade. But guess what? That?s also insane.

Thankfully, there?s Boxed, a new app for buying basic necessities in bulk.

Download it to your iPhone (the Android app should launch any day now) and choose a shopping category--like grocery, household or beauty. Then browse available products like 80-count Swiffer dry cloths for $18 (27 percent off retail) or 120-count Zyrtec tablets for $40 (50 percent off retail). Since the app is spanking new, the selection isn?t quite to the Costco level yet, but who needs a 60-ounce jar of mayonnaise anyway?

The selling point here is that Boxed doesn?t charge membership fees or cause you to battle with flatbed carts on a Saturday. You can simply order five boxes of toothpaste (at 50 percent off) from the comfort of your own phone. Use the code ?BOXED1? for free shipping on your first order. Or spend $75 to get that deal any other time.

Now kick back and relax, knowing you?re about to be delivered enough toilet paper to last you until 2014.

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