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We promise they're not like this--except for the Alec Baldwin part.

The FDR is bumper-to-bumper. The L Train is packed with people who look like Macklemore. The M23 smells like a decomposing squirrel. Face it, commuting is the worst.

One way to soften the blow: listening to delightfully distracting podcasts! (It?s easy: Just look ?em up on iTunes and download them to your phone for free.) Below, a few of our favorites, tailored to your commute time.

The Podcast: Ask Roulette
Perfect for: Walking to work (about 18 minutes)
What it is: Recordings of the NYC conversation series in which strangers ask one another any question in front of a live audience.
Recent episode: ?What is your biggest body hang-up?? and ?What did your childhood smell like??

The Podcast: Freakonomics
Perfect for: A few stops on an express train (about 30 minutes)
What it is: A weekly series that explores unusual correlations, surprising social and economic occurrences and other strange but true factoids.
Recent episode: Does having a daughter make couples more likely to get divorced?

The Podcast: The Slate Culture Gabfest
Perfect for: Brooklyn to Manhattan shuffle (about 45 minutes)
What it is: Three smarty-pants Slate writers discuss culturally relevant phenomena--and arm listeners with plenty of ammo for cocktail party chatter.
Recent episode: The new film The World?s End, Miley Cyrus?s VMA performance and the merits of amusement parks.

The Podcast: Here?s the Thing with Alec Baldwin
Perfect for: The drive in from the burbs (about 50 minutes)
What it is: The actor and self-professed public radio junkie chats with famous pals. It?s so good, MSNBC also gave him a show.
Recent episode: A conversation with Lorne Michaels about how he handles SNL blunders.

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