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Bantam Bagels
Once you pop, you can't stop.

Let?s get something straight: There is only one true New York breakfast food. Don?t even try, cronut; it?s obviously the bagel. But now there?s a whole new spin on the staple.

Meet the stuffed mini bagel ball.

A new shop in the West Village, Bantam Bagels, is whipping up these little nuggets and possibly changing the entire game in its wake. (Yes, Momofuku Milk Bar also sells a variation, but this is a shop dedicated entirely to bagel balls.)

For the purists, there are plain, sesame and everything bagels filled with good old cream cheese or butter. (Four balls equal one full-size bagel.) But it?s the loaded numbers that are the real drool-inducers. For example, the ?Weekend Brunch? is an everything bagel filled with lox, tomato and red-onion cream cheese. ?The Hangover? takes a cheddar-cheese-and-egg bagel and stuffs it with bacon-cheddar cream cheese, then drizzles maple syrup on top.

Stop in for a couple on-the-go bites ($1.35 each; 3 for $3.50) or pick up a smattering for your next brunch soiree (24 for $22; 48 for $42). To reheat, just toast in the oven for a couple of minutes and get ready to make some inappropriate noises.

Bantam Bagels, 283 Bleecker St. (at Jones St.);

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