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Chirp, chirp...

Guys, we just ate crickets.

Okay, not the actual little buggers--but cricket flour (which is evidently also a thing). Get ready for Exo bars to take over the protein snacking game.

They taste just like Clif Bars, except without all the unpronounceable fillers in most energy boosters. Instead, Exo dishes out ten grams of natural protein, using ingredients like raw cacao, dates, almond butter and coconut. (FYI: That crunch you’ll bite into is an almond, not a bug; calm down.)

Clean eaters, rest assured it’s free of gluten, grains, dairy and soy. Eco activists, you already know insects are a far more abundant and sustainable food source than livestock. Everyone else, those office M&Ms are secretly tanking your afternoon productivity.

Now, where to get ’em? The Brooklyn-based team is wrapping up its Kickstarter campaign tomorrow morning, so for $25 you’ll be the first in line to get six bars in October. Then you can order on the site soon after.

In the meantime, start scheming all the ways to prank your entomophobic friends. These brownies are delicious....

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