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Fall Classes
The reward for making it through Mondays.

Our grandfather used to say: ?It doesn?t matter when you learn to read, just that you do.? Take advantage of all the fall classes around town to discover your new hobby--or hidden talent.

For the foodies Use your windowsill for good (fun fact: mushrooms can sprout from espresso grounds) at the Urban Food Production Workshop: Grow It Yourself on September 12 ($84; 3rd Ward, Brooklyn). Or just make some damn good pickles with the folks from McClure?s on September 9 ($60; the Brooklyn Kitchen).

For the artists Get your Ghost on and master the art of the pottery wheel, starting September 9 ($295 for eight weeks; Mugi Pottery Studio). Then arrange flowers like a pro, starting September 15 ($623 for four weeks, including materials; Brooklyn Botanic Garden).

For the talkers Sharpen your office-presentation skills with Intro to Improv, starting September 9 or 11 ($375 for eight weeks; People?s Improv Theater). Or finally retain all that French you snoozed through in high school, starting September 12 ($315 for nine weeks; Coucou Brooklyn).

For the budding business owners Go online to learn about online. Skillshare is an awesome site for learning real-world business tactics at your leisure (step one: get your idea off the ground).

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