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White Pike
The countdown to Sunday starts now.

New York is nothing if not rife with vested-bartender mixology haunts. But as inventive as their concoctions can be, they’re still slinging the same tired old liquors. And frankly, we’re bored.

Meet the new kid in town--clear whiskey. Yep, you heard us. And nope, it’s not moonshine. It’s called White Pike.

Distilled in the Finger Lakes, this unbelievably smooth, heavily corn-based blend is--strangely enough--the brainchild of an ad agency here in town called Mother. (Sometimes the creatives become the creators.) Though as weird and, er, potentially inauthentic as that sounds, this stuff is legit. In fact, we can’t stop dreaming of the homemade Cherry Coke Whiskey the guys at Mother whipped up for us. 

Make no mistake: White Pike is in no way the fiery, traditional whiskey we’re all used to. It’s far more mixable--just like gin, rum or vodka--but with a sweet, almost buttery taste. Stir it up with fruit juices or in a vermouth/bitters concoction, but sweet Jesus, wait till you have it in your Sunday-brunch Bloody.

Your cocktail rut is hereby annihilated.

$30 for a 750-ml bottle at local liquor stores or available in various restaurants and bars; sample at the New Amsterdam Market this fall

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