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Buy, sell, repeat.

After endless real estate stalking and 9,572 visits to, you’ve finally found your dream apartment. The only problem? Your ginormous tartan sofa won’t fit through the door. Le sigh.

The old you would have placed an ad on Craigslist and been hit up by creepy strangers for days. But the new you knows about Viyet, the online consignment shop that stores, sells and delivers your gently used chairs, tables and rugs for you.

Here’s the lowdown: After you create an account and tell Viyet what you want to sell, a consultant will come to your home to assess the goods. If that fab sofa is deemed acceptable (no stains or required repair), Viyet will set a price (typically 30 to 60 percent of the original value) and cart the couch off to a secure storage facility. Read: You won’t have to carry anything down six flights of stairs.

From there, the process is blissfully out of your hands. Viyet will list your furniture on its website and once the couch sells, cut you a check for 50 percent of the proceeds.

But the real payoff, of course, is knowing that old “plaid cushions” has found a good home.

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