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You know you love a big group dinner. But how many times have you and a dozen friends taken over a dim sum place, then tried to split the check by person...only to end up with an illegible mess of receipt scribbles and algebra-induced arguments?

The new app Tab will calculate everyone’s total to the cent.

Start by taking a picture of your receipt with your phone. The app will itemize each dish. Next, type in the names of your party. Then pass the phone around the table so everyone can lay claim to the dishes they ordered or the extras they split with others. (Now owning up to that fourth Chardonnay won’t go as noticed.)

Tab will also calculate tax and tip, split that amount equally and summarize individual totals at the end. If it’s someone’s birthday, tap a little crown icon and the guest of honor’s total is divided evenly among everyone else.

Finally, type the last four digits of your credit-card numbers next to your names and hand your phone (and cards) to the server with the check. Magically, you never have to scrawl on a napkin again--unless your table just came up with an idea for the next Facebook.

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