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There’s an epidemic plaguing the streets of New York…the pressure to pick a post-work cocktail spot.

Our advice: Stop trying to please all your indecisive friends and just get a friggin’ Prosecco already. Here are a few of our secret Midtown weapons, those old-school spots that may seem trite but are surprisingly perfect when all you need is a drink--and fast.

The Summer Garden & Bar at Rock Center Yep, the same place where insufferable tourists ice-skate in the winter is also home to a shockingly lovely summer lounge (through September 29). Snag a couch by the fountain and you won’t hear a hint of Midtown’s clamor. Also, guacamole is awesome anywhere; here, it’s mind-blowingly awesome. Fifth Ave. and 49th St.

Grand Central Oyster Bar Haven’t you always wondered if the weird subterranean seafood place was any good? Well, it is. And Mondays through Wednesdays you can get two glasses of wine and six oysters for less than $20 (4:30 to 7:00 p.m.). Grand Central Terminal

Lillie’s So what if it’s “Victorian-themed” (cue eye roll). It slings the best hummus this side of Astoria. Also, there are actually two locations--Hell’s Kitchen and Union Square--and both are spitting distance from all major subway lines. W. 49th St. and Eighth Ave.; E. 17th St. and Fifth Ave.

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