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It's hard out there for a spaz.

We?ve all been there: You?re running around the hood, busting out errands, feeling productive, when you return home and realize?f&%#, you left your keys inside.

Instead of fighting with your super (who honestly cannot believe you?ve done this again) or forking over $150 for a locksmith, get in on KeyMe.

It?s a new set of kiosks in select NYC 7-Elevens that allow you to store a digital copy of your key for free and print a new one in a pinch for only $20. Basically, brilliant.

All you do is find a kiosk (before said emergency), insert your key, enter your email and scan your fingerprint. For now, it makes only regular door keys, not the ones for high-security, street-side doors (but surely someone will pass through the building soon enough, right?). And it?s totally secure--meaning it doesn?t even ask for your address.

So while it won?t save you from being the occasional spaz, it will guarantee you?ll be the only one breaking into your apartment in the middle of the night.

Kiosks are at the following 7-Eleven locations: 1594 York Ave. (at E. 84th St.); 224 Fifth Ave. (at E. 26th St.); 368 Eighth Ave. (at W. 28th St.); 676 Amsterdam Ave. (at W. 93rd St.); 351 Bowery (at Third St.);

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