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The Sonnet Project
The line for the Delacorte? Or your iPhone? You choose.

Oh, New York.
Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Thou art more stinky and more full of waste.
But still, you’re pretty great, I dareth say.
For instance: Chelsea Market and the Ace.

We could go on, but we should probably leave iambic pentameter to the experts. Namely, Shakespeare. (You know, that guy with the soul patch…looked pretty fabulous in a frilly collar.)

Our newest reason to get excited about the Bard: the Sonnet Project.

It’s a yearlong initiative that pairs esteemed actors (like Joanna Gleeson and “Magda” from Sex and the City) with all 154 of Shakespeare’s sonnets. Each actor performs his or her text at a notable NYC landmark (J.F.K., the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, Studio 54), and the site releases a new video every few days until Shakespeare’s 450th birthday next April.

If it’s been a while since you’ve read the sonnets, they’re definitely worth a revisit. (We mean: Does it get more romantic than number 73?) Plus, the project does a lot of really innovative things with music and cinematography: Number 61, for instance, is way grittier than any episode of Breaking Bad.

Check out the 21 currently available on the site and download the free app for push notifications when new sonnets doth go live.

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