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We swear it's not sappy.

It is our sincerest hope, sweet friends, that a four-day break is in your near future. And wherever you decide to spend it--the beach, the park, the balcony, the sofa, the purgatory better known as the L.I.E.--here's a charming little page-turner to keep you entertained.

The Engagements alternates chapters between four very different marriages from four different decades: an older couple navigating their son's divorce, a younger couple preparing for a same-sex family wedding, a paramedic and a nurse trying to make ends meet and a regretful adulteress. Binding them all together is one other figure, Frances Gerety, an ad executive and female pioneer (think: a middle-aged Peggy Olson) who never got married but did change the industry with four little words: A diamond is forever.

Author J. Courtney Sullivan (you may have read her previous bestseller Maine) wasn't always so lucky in love herself. Before ascending to Park Slope brownstone bliss, the former New York Times writer got her start penning the column "Modern Love" about her own dating woes.

So it didn't surprise us that The Engagements isn't a fairy tale: It's a refreshingly realistic, intricately plotted portrait of the infinite ways two people can commit to each other.

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