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Imagine if this came to your phone every day.

Doggie mamas, stand up. While our fur babies might not be our actual babies, juggling work, play and rushing home for that 6 p.m. walk is no small feat.

Luckily, Swifto--a Manhattan dog-walking service with its very own GPS tracking app--is on it.

First, register online for regular weekday visits. A representative will reach out to note any personal needs and set up a complimentary initial meeting with your assigned walker. Then, during each day’s trip, he or she will text you at the start and at the finish, even including a heartwarming photo along the way.

Thanks to the GPS-enabled app used by the walkers, you can log in to the site and see all the details: the duration, the mapped route, where your pup ran into friends and where he took care of his business (yes, complete with the exact emoji you’re imagining).

Important to note: This is no five-dogs-on-one-leash situation. Swifto pairs one walker (insured, college-educated, vetted and trained) with one pooch at a time (starting at $20 for half an hour, payable online each month). And should you be unexpectedly stuck at the office--or just really in need of happy hour--simply schedule an on-demand walk and someone from the Swifto team will swing by to relieve Rex…and you.

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