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The next Amar'e? (photo by Bobbito Garcia)

When it comes to finding a gift for Dad (or your baby daddy), the ties, cigars, fishing gear and barbecue books have all been done. Also, snore…

Take him by complete surprise this Sunday with something as simple as an Internet link. Send over Doin’ It in the Park.

A new documentary (and the only one) on pickup basketball in NYC, it’s sweepingly beautiful, genuinely funny and wildly informative. Did you know Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar originally got buckets at Rucker Park on 155th Street? Or that a nonprofessional but playground legend, Pee Wee Kirkland, invented the crossover dribble?

Two filmmakers--writer and narrator Bobbito Garcia and photographer Kevin Couliau--rode their bikes around the city for 90 summer days, visiting 180 courts and interviewing avid local players (men, women, white, black and Hispanic alike) with not much more than a handheld camera and a love for the game.

Buy the film right from the site and stream it, download it or pass it along to your pops for a mere $10. But we highly recommend watching it for yourself since it’s essentially 83 minutes of unwavering neighborhood pride.

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