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BITE Lip Lab
What's the unicorn of lipstick shades for you?

Your mother swears by ?Love That Red.? Your best friend never strays from ?Girl About Town.? Yet no matter how many colors you?ve smeared across your lips, you?ve yet to find your signature shade.

BITE Lip Lab is here to help.

The Toronto-based beauty brand?s first pop-up (before an upcoming permanent location) is not just any generic retail space--it?s home to the coolest beauty workshop, whipping up custom-made lipsticks ($28) in a matter of minutes.

Trained BITE staffers kick things off with a mini consultation. (We were on the hunt for an orangey-red à la the J.Crew spring catalog.) Next, you get right to finger painting. Mix and match from a selection of 30-plus color pots--swirling hues in your hand until you nail your ideal pigment. Don?t worry: You?re able to sample the moisture-rich color on your lips first (that is, after exfoliating your pout with BITE?s good-enough-to-eat, and recommended, fruit scrub).

As soon as you?ve settled on a shade, staffers infuse your color pods with a scent of your choice. (Four choices are available; we picked juicy cherry.) The liquid contents are then poured into metal molds and placed on a cold plate where you watch as they magically harden in less than five minutes.

The result? A lipstick you might as well sign your name with.

174 Prince St. (at Thompson St.); 646-484-6111 or

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