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Urban Compass
Bruiser not included.

For all the areas of our lives the Internet has simplified, finding an apartment has never been one. Craigslist, go back to 1998.

Introducing the NYC real estate game changer: Urban Compass.

Start your search on an interactive Google map. Either filter by neighborhood and price or simply zoom in on a desired area. Pin drops will appear, where you can preview basic info or read full profiles. Then the rest of the process is all in one place, too. Book times with a “neighborhood specialist” (licensed real estate agents), apply, close and even pay for everything online with a credit card. Sayonara, certified checks.

The listings are a mix of exclusive properties (the site’s chief real estate officer is a former Citi Habitats bigwig) and open postings. But the advantage here is that the fees are half the typical cost--7.5 percent for an exclusive and 12.5 for an open listing, rather than the standard rate of 15 percent pretty much everywhere else. And it’s free to join, search and see apartments in person.

Also, the specialists are salaried with incentives for customer service, not the bottom line. So the mission is far more focused on finding an area of town you feel at home in. Just check out these gorgeous neighborhood guides.

Happy hunting.

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