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Gracious Goodies
Stuff we actually want.

It doesn’t take a professional event planner to know the value of a stellar goodie bag--and the disappointment of a terrible one.

You know that feeling, like when you’re forced upon a stodgy work seminar and then subsequently loaded down with plastic lanyards and un-reusable notebooks. Is it too much to ask for a comfortable tote, some mints and an artisanal cookie or seven?

That’s the precise specialty of Gracious Goodies.

The bicoastal brand creates custom, locally themed gift bags for hotel guests as a welcome, for partygoers as a thank-you and for professional event attendees as a “remember how awesome our brand is.”

Should you be planning an upcoming get-together yourself, ordering is a breeze.

Select everything from the easy online cache of sleek bags (from standard paper gift bags to colorful Baggus), serious treats (like Tate’s cookies and Sigmund’s pretzel pieces), fun extras (maps, magazines or even lottery tickets) and your tissue paper color of choice. Then the Gracious Goodies fairies handle all the rest (from assembly to delivery and even nationwide shipping if needed).

You’re officially saved from any 3 a.m. anxiety-riddled stuffing sessions.

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