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For today's storm, remember to wear a sweater--and a killer necklace.

Forget “high-pressure systems” and “barometric levels.” We want our weather reports short and sweet--and while we’re at it, hilarious, stylish and actually on point. Living in New York is hard enough without constantly worrying if we made the wrong choice of pant length.

So here are a few fresh ways to get the weather report.

If you want to hear it from a friend… Sign up for Poncho, a new super-streamlined daily email (or text) that talks to you like a real person. For instance: “Perfect weather for well as standing on line for brunch.” It operates only in NYC, so you know it speaks our language.

Or from a stylist… StyleUp takes a similar daily-email approach but tacks on outfit inspiration. So you’ll get the same “65 and drizzling” (albeit not as witty) but with the bonus of chic street-style shots (based on your personal preferences) to help you dress for that day’s conditions. Think Pinterest, but just for you.

Or maybe a fortune-teller… Accuweather just launched a detailed monthly forecast calendar that blows the Weather Channel’s average-temperature guess fest out of the water. Tell all your betrothed friends.

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