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McNally Jackson Store
Oh, you're cute.

Here?s something shocking: An antique stapler can change the entire look of your desk. Add in brass scissors, wedge erasers and collapsible wooden rulers and you?re practically living inside a Wes Anderson movie (in the best way possible).

Welcome to office enlightenment, courtesy of the new McNally Jackson Store: Goods for the Study.

The tiny desk-accessories boutique (possibly the first in the city) is in Nolita, right around the corner from its indie-bookstore parent (possibly the best in the city), and lives up to the same level of intellectual stimulation and quality control. For example, the chalk (yes, it sells that) is not just any old Crayola--it?s from Reform, the oldest chalk-maker in Germany. Even if you have no plans to actually use it, the box is too cool to pass up (and it?s only $10).

Coming from highbrow book mongers, the stuff is guaranteed to have substance, but it?s the overall aesthetic that truly impressed us. We?re talking vintage drawing desks and imported lamps down to smaller details like wooden tape dispensers and suede pencil cases.

Now it?s time for you to chuck all those free plastic click pens. (We still love you, TD Bank.) It?s amazing what a little atmospheric styling will do for your creativity.

234 Mulberry St. (at Prince St.); 212-219-2789 or

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