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What New Yorkers lack in personal space, we make up for in resourcefulness. Sure, you?ve taken a stab at nurturing basil in your sunny spot. But how about full salad greens? Here are a handful of surprising ideas that don?t require a rooftop plot.

Edible flowers Seriously, this is a thing. Certain blossoms can be added to teas, cocktails, salads, pastas and desserts--and range in flavor from sweet to peppery. Since you can?t eat just any old thing from the bodega stand, be 100 percent sure and grow marigolds, starflowers, nasturtiums and lemon mint blooms safely with Sarah Rainwater?s glass-vial kit ($50).

Scallions Guess what? These regenerate. Dice up the green shoots as you normally would in recipes, but save the white bulbs with an inch or two of green to spare. Place the bulbs in water (a glass container is best), set in a sunny spot and watch them grow overnight. We swear.

Kale If you?ve mastered the bean sprout, take your herb-planting skills to the next level and pot a few sturdier greens. The Patch irrigated planter ($40) is practically foolproof: Order (it comes folded in your mailbox), assemble, add potting mix, plant seeds (Dumbo?s West Elm Market sells Hudson Valley Seed Library packets) and water every few days. That?s it.

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