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Expect oodles of Rodarte.

You?ve heard murmurings of Sid Vicious in the hallowed halls of the Met. You?ve poured over countless plum-lipped gala pics. And you?ve already plotted which Wednesday to take off work to avoid the lines.

But among the countless shredded, studded works of homage at ?PUNK: Chaos to Couture,? here are five exceptional pieces we suggest keeping an eye out for.

Vivienne Westwood?s chicken-bone embroidery That?s right: The groundbreaking London designer spelled out ?ROCK? with bones on a T-shirt. Find it in the replicated Seditionaries boutique, hanging behind the cash register.

Gianni Versace?s safety-pin dress Elizabeth Hurley made it famous. Lady Gaga resurrected it. And now you can ogle at its strategic crpe-de-chine coverage (or lack thereof) up close.

Martin Margiela?s plastic-sack tanks Imagine taking a Food Emporium bag, cutting off the bottom and slipping it over your shoulders. The Belgian avant-gardist did just that (and it kind of blows our mind every time).

Alexander McQueen?s spray-painted dress If you had the great misfortune of missing out on ?Savage Beauty,? get a second-chance look at the robot-painted dress from his spring 1999 show.

The hilarious last mannequin We won?t spoil it for you. But don?t hit the gift shop before peering left at the easy-to-miss but perfectly in-the-spirit last look.

Through August 14; The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1000 Fifth Ave. (at 82nd St.); 212-535-7710 or

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