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Daily Specials
Get limited-time dishes faster than you can say "pork belly."

We’re diehard fans of the spaghetti limone at Lil’ Frankie’s. But do we get it every time because we truly love it...or because we can never understand the waiter mumbling the specials? (And while we’re at it, how many times are you allowed to ask them to repeat the list?)

Expand your ordering horizons with Daily Specials, a new free app that won’t help translate Giovanni but will arm you with the seasonal must-try dishes in advance.

Follow your favorite restaurants, and choose to either receive notifications when they’ve posted the day’s specials or browse at your convenience before hitting the town. It’s as simple as that.

But here’s the hitch: Since it just arrived at the App Store, the list of participating restaurants isn’t quite yet--how do you say?--exhaustive. (Okay, it’s actually really lacking. There are less than 50 so far.)

It’s such a genius idea, though, so we’ve decided to take matters into our own hands. Join us in evangelizing to all your favorite neighborhood joints. According to Daily Specials, it’s “stupid-simple” for the restaurants to post. They just have to remember to do it.

Once they’re in the habit, you’ll never miss out on the magical truffled-shiitake pappardelle--that you didn’t even know existed in the first place.

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