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Come on in; the water's fine.

Since most spin classes make us look as if we've just stepped out of a pool, we couldn’t resist one that involves just that.

At AQUA, the bikes are in water. Seriously.

The Tribeca (by way of France) studio takes elements from traditional spinning--like the high-calorie burn, upbeat music and full-body engagement--but does it all in a waist-deep pool. The result: a low-impact sweat session that accomplishes the same toning and tightening while managing to feel like a trip to the spa (well, as best as physical activity can).

Before you take the plunge, here's what you need to know.

First, leave the itty-bitty bikini at home. Even though the classes are ladies-only, they involve a lot of bouncing, leaning and basically anything that requires more than a string. (Speedos advised.) The whole underwater biking thing admittedly feels a bit unnatural--at first--but once you’re in the flow, it ends up being (in our opinion) a lot less intimidating than the conventional stadium-seating grunt fests around town.

See you in the shallow end.

$36 for a trial class and rubber shoes, $40 thereafter; 78 Franklin St. (between Church St. and Broadway); 212-966-6784 or

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