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Sword & Plough
Where's the Sartorialist when you need him?

In the world of socially conscious fashion design, every story is different. Some companies promote sustainable, eco-friendly products. Others spark economic change through employment and empowerment.

Sword & Plough does both.

Dreamed up by designers-cum-sisters Emily and Betsy Núñez, the line?s premise is to recover discarded military surplus materials (like tents, parachutes and sleeping bags) and partner with manufacturers (such as Green Vets LA) that employ veterans to transform them into surprisingly chic accessories.

Why this particular focus? The ladies bleed army green, having been born in West Point and raised in an active-duty family. (Emily even currently serves.)

But all great ideas first need start-up capital. So two weeks ago Emily and Betsy launched a Kickstarter project for pre-orders--setting a monthlong campaign goal of $20,000. They reached it in two hours.

The totes and messenger bags are flying off the proverbial shelves. They?ve already sold out for the first delivery, due in July, so a second round of production for August arrivals has thankfully been added. (Rucksacks and iPhone and iPad sleeves are still up for July grabs.)

Items will be available on the shoppable site soon after the initial production gets under way. But if--like us--you?re a sucker for a sweet cause (and brag-worthy bags), we recommend clicking fast.

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