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What's on the menu?

We love a relaxed evening in the kitchen. But there?s nothing like the pressure to cook every single day to take all the fun out of it.

Before you reach for that stained Chinese takeout menu again, get to know Mealku--a co-op for home-cooked meals (i.e., one person cooks and others sign up in advance for a portion of the meal).

Say you?ve got a group of coworkers or building neighbors who (like you) love to cook but (like everyone) get bored with seven days of the same old thing. Band together by collectively joining Mealku (you can also sign up solo and make new friends) and set up a simple schedule for who cooks when and how you?re going to share in one another?s deliciousness.

But how does Mealku actually work? Users ?pay? for meals with internal currency called Ku, which you can either buy or earn (by doing anything from cooking and delivering to reviewing members and signing up friends). If it?s your turn to cook, post a meal idea and the dates you?ll be making it. That way you?ll know exactly how many people have ordered portions.

Takeout containers are provided, pickup and delivery services are available, and a review system keeps everyone in check.

See ya later, Seamless.

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