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Alexandra Stewart
Coming soon: the Alexandra Stewart bandwagon.

The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing and windows from Washington Street to York Avenue are being flung open with abandon. You need some new tunes to complement the mood. Here are a few under-the-radar recommendations.

If you like Feist To get your ethereal girl-rock fix, put on Alexandra Stewart. The Brooklyn (by way of Ottawa) singer is soon to release her debut album, Wàbà, but you can stream a full five-song preview in advance. Or for an immediate iTunes download, get acquainted with Jersey-born Sharon Van Etten. She?s been around for a few years, but her lilting vocals never cease to instantly put us at ease.

If you like Neil Young Recreate that open-sky vibe from your favorite road-trip route with Country Mice--who draw inspiration from their Kansas, Wisconsin and rural New York upbringings. The now-Brooklyn-based guys just released a more polished sophomore album, Hour of the Wolf, but we?re partial the folksy rookie tracks on their first release, Twister.

If you like Duran Duran Okay, so this next recommendation isn?t entirely ?Hungry Like the Wolf,? but Rush Midnight (from--you guessed it--Brooklyn) has that same catchy-yet-smooth spirit with a more modern electronic vibe. Weave ?Crush? and ?The Night Was Young Enough? into your next cocktail-party playlist to get those martini-addled heads bobbing.

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