There are no words to describe our love of this latest discovery (only inappropriate noises we?d rather not share in public).

Arethusa Farm--a picturesque Connecticut dairy, adorably owned by a pair of Manolo Blahnik execs (really)--just started selling its hand-packed ice cream in NYC. And it just may give Ben & Jerry?s a run for its money.

The flavors are classic: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coffee and mint chocolate chip (thankfully no Phish puns here). The ingredients are all natural: eggs, sugar and the farm?s own milk and cream to start; vanilla extract, cocoa, fresh strawberries and ground espresso beans to finish. And the final product is basically magic: rich and velvety while somehow still light and refreshing.

For now, the ice creams ($10 a pint) are sold only at two Dean & DeLuca locations in the city--Soho (Broadway at Prince St.) and Madison Ave. (at 85th St.). But whatever freezer-bag-equipped subway ride you may need to take will be justified.

While we?re privileged with a wealth of amazing farms in the area, none have won us over quite like Arethusa, whose milk-barn sign reads: ?Every cow in this barn is a lady. Please treat her as such.?

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