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A city walk like no other
Image courtesy of Elastic City

In a city this big, it's easy to miss the little things. That's where Todd Shalom comes in: His company, Elastic City, offers unprecedented views of the Big Apple, one inspiring step at a time.

Shalom's passion for experiential walks began in San Francisco's Mission in 2003. Shalom, then a poetry student, realized he wanted tangible experiences of the places he was writing about. Analyzing sounds, shapes and colors, he gained a reputation for providing innovative walks through common neighborhoods, and founded Elastic City in 2010.

Here in New York, people have lined up for his nature-inspired jaunts--specifically We and Our Shaaadows, a 90-minute stroll that explores Coney Island's haunting dark corners, and the 75-minute Solar Alignment walk, which examines the synchronicity between the sun and the skyscrapers.

There are also several conceptual walks to be had, including the clever 4ever 21 walk (75 minutes), which starts in the Diamond District and ends with participants sharing tips for staying young at heart.

All $20 apiece, Elastic City's walks are equally revelatory. We're especially intrigued by October's 90-minute Love Spells promenade, led by dancer Emily Tepper, which explores the city's most romantic hidden spots.

New York will never look the same.

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