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The old blog-to-book-deal story…so commonplace these days, it seems increasingly hard to weed through the publishing noise and discover those truly charming concepts anymore.

Lucky for you, we found two--both about our beloved NYC and both hitting bookshelves today.

Mapping Manhattan Like any good viral sensation, Map Your Memories started as an interesting idea, then just totally blew up. In the summer of 2009, Becky Cooper walked the length of Broadway, distributing blank outlines of Manhattan to total strangers. All she asked was that people fill in what the island meant to them and mail back the paper. The heartwarming and often hilarious results (from abstract paintings to handwritten memories) have since become a revered public art project.

All the Buildings in New York As a love letter of sorts to our gorgeous city, popular artist James Gulliver Hancock has set out to personally sketch every building in New York City. How he has the patience for that, we’ll never understand. But his first book (of what’s sure to be many) vividly depicts 60 of what he’s documented so far--skyscrapers, historical landmarks and residential brownstones alike. You never know, your apartment just might be in the mix.

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