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You’ve just thought of a brilliant business idea. But the only thing on you is an iPhone…

For those emergency chicken-scratch situations when wrestling with autocorrect just won’t do, we’ve long loved a good old-fashioned Moleskine notebook. And it’s now easier than ever to stock up at the brand’s first U.S. shop, right here in NYC.

Okay, we should clarify that it’s not a full-fledged, brick-and-mortar storefront. (To the good folks at Moleskine: This is our official plea!) But in the spirit of mobility and free-flowing ideas, the company chose a kiosk space at Time Warner Center.

In the small nook, you’ll find the entire collection--a veritable rainbow of thread-bound notebooks (from $13) and day planners (from $6 on sale)--along with attachable pens (from $15) and durable travel bags ($90). And because we can’t escape our gadgets altogether, the shop also sells cases for your iPad, iPhone or Kindle (complete with paper inside, from $40) and the pretty revolutionary Evernote-compatible notebooks (from $25).

Regardless of your line of work (or creative ambitions), we guarantee a trusty pen and pad will always come in handy.

Time Warner Center, 10 Columbus Cir.;

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