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We can all agree that every year after the Oscars, our movie-going options are pretty bleak. All the buzz-worthy indie flicks have run the awards circuit, and all you?re left with is Steve Carell as a Vegas magician or Ewan McGregor and a maniacal beanstalk.

Before you lose all faith in pop culture, check out Gimme the Loot.

The story is simple: Two Bronx teens set out to become the biggest graffiti writers in the city. When a rival group ruins their latest piece, Malcolm and Sofia plot their revenge--to tag the most elusive spot in all of New York, the Mets? Home Run Apple at CitiField. They just have to come up with the money to do it.

But rather than a hard-edged heist thriller, it?s 81 lighthearted (and sharp-witted) minutes of budding crushes and adolescent hijinks. Imagine The Sandlot in the era of Girls.

First-time writer and director Adam Leon (who picked up SXSW and Independent Spirit awards) worked with an obviously small budget, unknown actors and oldies music (surprisingly no Biggie) to illustrate the awkward reality of kids, no matter the city.

Playing at IFC Center, 323 Sixth Ave. (at W. Third St.); 212-924-7771 or

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