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In anticipation of our final summer vacation, we're bound to forget a thing or two. Luckily, these businesses will fix packing snafus in a New York minute:

When you're short a sarong or sundress, try Suddenlee on for size. This new online-shopping service lets you browse a database of 300 stores and transmits personal shoppers to pick up the goods. Place your order by 3 p.m. and you'll receive everything the next business day.

Forgot to renew your passport? Travisa's same-day processing ($199) will have you travel-ready in a few hours. Visit its website to make an appointment and gather necessary paperwork (a birth certificate or old passport, regulation-size photos, etc.); submit your forms by 8 a.m. and you'll be flying high by afternoon.

Lincoln Terrace Cleaners will pick up dirty duds anywhere within a 60-block radius of its two locations (149 Amsterdam Ave. and 1406 Second Ave.), launder and return them the same day with no extra fee for the rush.

Our computers tend to go on the fritz right before vacation. Thankfully, Laptop MD gets machines running again faster than you can say "control-alt-delete" ($45 for same-day repairs) and replaces cracked smartphone screens in 15 minutes ($59 to $139).

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