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First there were cupcakes. Then there were whoopie pies. Now, if Nadia Tadé and Alessandro Radici have their way, the next big thing to hit the New York dessert scene will be tiramisu, courtesy of their new West Village café, Dolce Vizio.

The Milan natives are new to New York. They moved for Radici to start business school but quickly realized they missed their favorite hometown sweet, particularly the variety of flavors virtually unknown on American turf. So, like any good budding MBA, Radici made it happen, creating the city's first café solely devoted to the tasty treat.

The takeout or sit-down spot offers six light, not-too-sweet tiramisu varieties ($7 for 6 ounces), many of which substitute creative fillings and flavors for the traditional coffee. We love the tangy Limoncello, the refreshing mango and the über-rich Nutella, as well as the classic espresso, one of the best and fluffiest renditions we've tasted.

But perhaps the most fun part of the sleek, inviting café, which also serves coffee and tea, is the make-your-own tiramisu bar. Guests choose from three syrups--chocolate, citrus or mint--for soaking their ladyfingers and a variety of toppings like coconut and pistachios, which are layered parfait-style with a hefty scoop of mascarpone cream.

Dolce Vizio, 131 Christopher St. (at Hudson st.); 646-669-7432 or

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