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If you’ve been to a wedding in the last few years (or on Pinterest for literally a day), surely you’ve noticed the recent trend in floral arrangements: that varied, organic, field-picked look.

But what seems ever-present in the world of special events somehow hasn’t yet trickled down to our go-to neighborhood delivery folks--until now.

Meet Franki Elizabeth.

Longtime event planners Margherita Bonanno and Marie Fuer, who recently teamed up for the venture, go beyond the typical mono-bloom aesthetic we’re accustomed to--and totally bored by. Instead, expect several types of feminine flowers (ranunculus, peonies, garden roses and the like) mixed with greens, herbs and other natural materials (say, blackberries). They even offer chicer-than-usual container options, like birch vases or milk-glass jars for an overall package that blows the usual suspects out of the water.

Whether it’s your best friend’s birthday or you feel like bringing a little life to your office, email (24 hours in advance; prices start at $75). The ladies will chat with you about a preferred color scheme and general vibe, then take it from there.

Happy flower picking.

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