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Real talk: Not all workouts are created equal. And just because CrossFit or tyrannical spinning or whatever is the fitness movement du jour, it doesn’t mean you have to like it. Sometimes you just want to shake your butt and have a good time.

For exactly that, check out Doonya--an NYC-based Bollywood dance class (little but not much rhythm required) that essentially asks you to jump around for an hour, smile a ton and break a pretty decent sweat.

We decided to give it a try--and it’s really fun.

After a quick warm-up, Priya Pandya (one of the founders) taught us the basic Bollywood moves (like side leg taps and simple shimmies) and then led us through 12 different upbeat Indian pop songs using those moves, finishing up with a round of muscle conditioning and stretching.

Aside from the class’s spirited nature, we appreciated that all shapes, sizes and fitness levels came out to cut loose. Dare we say, it’s the happiest workout in NYC.

Classes ($20) are held every day at either New York Live Arts, 219 W. 19th St., or DANY Studios, 305 W. 38th St.;

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